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The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl consists of native English and Spanish speakers who know what it means to be a traveler in Buenos Aires. Our staff come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and they are looking forward to show you around the beautiful city we are lucky to be in!

The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl Staff pride themselves on the fact that they know the ins and outs of the Buenos Aires nightlife and are here to share it with you from an insider perspective. Get to meet them 7 nights a week!

Matt joins us from the UK! How he ended up in Buenos Aires, we are still trying to figure out as he keeps telling us it's "top secret." So when Agent 007 here isn't working on a covert mission for her majesty, he is working on making sure you have an absolutely wonderful night filled with action and adventure!

Natalia is from Colombia. With her trusty camera by her side, you will see her snapping away pictures and capturing the moments that make Pub Crawl so special. When she isn't on Pub Crawl, you will see her on her bike around the city, with a certain alien doll in her basket hoping that the bike will eventually fly.

As you can see Laura is a mystery. From Parts Unknown, all we really do know is that somehow some amazing pictures are taken throughout certain nights and they end up getting uploaded to our page and she takes credit for it. If you can help us find out more about this elusive character, we would much appreciate it!

Our Veteran photographer from Buenos Aires, Flavio has seen it all and has made sure to snap a picture of it as well. Flavio nights are known as freaky nights, because he will get you to do just about anything on camera. No worries, he does have morals (somewhat), but don't be surprised to look at the pictures from your Pub Crawl and find yourself doing cart wheels butt naked!

Our own Rock Star Brian, when he isnt performing on stage you will see him rocking out on Pub Crawl. Snapping Pictures, flirting, and taking you to the hottest spots of BA, Brian has the night covered from all angles! And if you ask nicely, he might even give you an autograph!

Maxime hails from France. Rumor has it that one day he woke up and stepped out of his house, took a wrong turn on a street and somehow was magically transported to Modern Day Buenos Aires (sounds kinda like a certain movie...hmmm). Either way he realized he now had to make a living, so why not party while doing so? And thus Maxime has been a part of the team ever since.

Michelle is yet another member of our team joining us from Brazil, not really sure if its an invasion, but no arguments here. Michelle is the human embodiment of a Pub Crawl night: fun, partying all night, and ready to continue the party the following night!

Everyone meet Fernanda from Bolivia! Better yet, meet her in person on Pub Crawl, where she definitely stands out among the crowd of people as being the first person to greet you with a lovely smile and a friendly "hello." When she isn't on Pub Crawl she likes to admire Neolithic Architecture, and create rap songs on how her day is going.

What can I say about our Colombian friend German that the city of BA doesn't know by now? Well what we do know: the guy loves to party, he was born to Pub Crawl, (I'm sure he was born to do other accomplishments as well, but you know what I mean). Whether you need a wing man, or dancing lessons, or tips on how to refinance your investments in an ever changing global market, German is the guy to see!

Guioulnara descends from Russia with love. One of our newest members, she is looking to win our Rookie of the Year award and you can tell from her carefree and fun loving attitude on any one of our nights. I dare you to find her not smiling, because you won't. When she isn't on Pub Crawl, she is usually "parkouring" and fighting crime.

Morgan is straight out of the country/continent known as Australia. He migrated east to Buenos Aires to get away from the beach and the warm weather because he wanted something new. He found that in the night life that is this city and it's various bars and clubs. Now he has dedicated himself to share that with all of you, well that and to enjoy the party himself as well.

Yet another Brazilian export to our team, Andre brings the energy to any one of our nights like 10 shots of coffee, although with him you'll probably be doing shots of tequila. We aren't sure what powers his engine but the guy is in top form throughout the whole night. The questions is will you be able to keep up with him? Come find out!

Ladies, say hi to Lukas! Coming all the way from Germany, he came to learn how to tango, speak Spanish, and submerge himself in the South American culture. Now for the real answer, he came down here because he wants to party with each and every one of you so you better strap yourself in and get ready for the ride!

Ever since she was born, our Colombian shorty has had an interest in taking pictures (even as a baby supposedly). Throughout the years she has made sure to document every aspect of life and it's wonders on film, and she does so now capturing every wonder that takes place on Pub Crawl!

David (the human shown here in this picture) comes from the U.S. of A. He just started with us, so a part of his initiation into the team is to make sure you all have the time of your lives. Whether it's on a Monday or on a Saturday, you won't tell them apart with David around. And as for the rest of his initiation, well that's confidential.

Daniel (shown here with friend), is one of our veteran photographers from right here in Argentina! He loves being able to party and take photography together at the same time so this job is perfect for him, that and he gets paid for it too. Join Daniel ony any one of our nights and get ready to be caught on camera!

Fabian is our import of Austria and he is definitely representing the Austrian way of life: wherever he is, the party is going on! He brings a lot of positive and also crazy energy so that you will have the party of your life. He loves to travel and get to know new people. And the best: He is still single - so ladies, donĀ“t hesitate and get to know him!

Our Med Student from Brazil, The Doctor is always on call to make sure you are going to enjoy the night! If you want to find him on Pub Crawl, then look towards the dance floor. If there isn't one, he will make one because he dances to any and every beat and will get you into the rhythm as well! He also boasts that he has a Colombian accent when speaking Spanish, for the 5 years he loved there. So if you want to test out his dancing skills or his accents, just approach him on any given Pub Crawl.

Another Brazilian member of our Team, but don't let her curly hair and innocent demeanor lie to you (you'll die to touch her hair, that's a fact), this girl will party hard and make your night a very special one. If you need some tequila, just look for the girl with the hat!

From Ambar: "Hello I'm Ambar ! (My parents told me that they named me after the semiprecious stone but I solemnly believe that it was after the beer) I'm Salvadoran,I've been spreading joy to the people since 1992, and I came to Buenos Aires to continue that duty! I love music, Rimbaud, whisky, Bob Dylan and I'll be more that glad to assist you in the path of partying hard."

Diogo is a mix of every part of Brazil, multicultural and very receptive. You can find Diogo at the Pub Crawl, always drinking something, ready to fill your cup and keep it that way as long as you want. Other times you can find him between books and grumpy professors. Which one do you prefer though?

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